iPhone 6 Plus BodyGuardz Pure® Clear Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Apple iPhone 6 Plus BodyGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector

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BodyGuardz Pure™ Glass with The Crown (Black)
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Apple iPhone 6 Plus BodyGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector

$19.95 $9.97

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Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protection

When it comes to screen protection. nothing tops the functionality, feel, and clarity of glass. Made from ion fortified tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, Bodyguardz Pure represents the strongest glass protection in the industry.

Extreme impact and scratch protection
Optically Clear
Anti-smudge Coating


Included in Package

• Premium Pure tempered glass screen protector (1)
• Micro fiber cleaning cloth
• Alcohol wipe / cleaner
• Installation instructions
• Millions Sold
• Advantage Replacements
• 30-Day return policy
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When it comes to touch screens, nothing tops the functionality, feel and clarity of glass. The same is true of screen protectors. Made from chemically strengthened tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, ScreenGuardz PureTM Premium Glass Screen Protector sets the standard in protection. Exceptional clarity and high touch sensitivity ensure performance in equal measure. No matter what youre protecting, ScreenGuardz Pure is the clear choice.

Why Choose ScreenGuardz Pure?

30% of owners will break their phone within 12 months

If youre under the age of 35, the rate is closer to 50%. ScreenGuardz Pure and ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare is chemically strengthened tempered glass that protects your screen from impact and scratches.

Damage is 10x more common than loss or theft

Screen replacement can cost upwards of $200. For a fraction of that you can prevent damage and retain the trade value of your device.

Americans have spent $5.9 Billion repairing their phones

ScreenGuardz Pure is designed to absorb impact and save the device screen. In the event Pure breaks you can replace it an unlimited amount of times for a small replacement cost with the BodyGuardz Advantage Program.

Protection Both ScreenGuardz Pure and ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare provide extreme impact protection, scratch protection, and scratch resistance.

Clarity ScreenGuardz Pure is crystal clear and looks exactly like the devices screen. ScreenGuardz Pure Anti-glare features an etched, matte surface that is the clearest anti-glare screen protector available.

Functionality Touch screen sensitivity is completely unaffected and operates exactly like the natural device.

Available in two styles:

ScreenGuardz Pure combines extreme impact and scratch protection with crystal clear clarity and an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

*IMPORTANT* ScreenGuardz Pure is made of chemically strengthened tempered glass but can chip if it comes in contact with hard objects or is dropped on its edge. A case will help minimize chipping. Use caution when removing or repositioning Pure as the adhesive is intended for one time use. Be careful not to use excessive force when removing as this can damage the screen protector.

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