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3 Things That Make BodyGuardz Phone Cases Different

Not Your Average Phone Case: 3 Things That Make BodyGuardz Cases Different

The iPhone 7 and 7 Plus just rolled out, and with them, a slew of cases from dozens of companies that promise to protect your phone and keep it stylish. With so many styles and materials on the market—from sparkles and shiny finishes to bright prints and bulky plastic—it can seem impossible to know which case is right for you.

Turns out, the right case for you might not be covered in sparkles, polka dots, or an inspiring quote. The right case for you might, in fact, be a little different than the average phone case.

3 Things That Make BodyGuardz Phone Cases Different

You won’t find sparkles, stripes, or bulky plastic anywhere on our website, but that doesn’t mean BodyGuardz cases aren’t stylish or highly protective. Here’s how we’ve crafted lightweight, protective phone cases to beautify your device.

1—BodyGuardz cases are the only cases on the market made with Unequal® technology

We teamed up with Unequal, a premium provider in sports protection, to design a line of protective cases featuring Unequal’s proprietary impact-reduction material. This patented technology protects athletes from collisions on the field and is trusted by the likes of Ali Krieger, Kurt Warner, Arielle Gold, James Harrison, and more.

Now, you can trust that same material to protect your phone.

2—BodyGuardz cases are infused with Kevlar® and Accelleron®

While most “protective” phone cases are made from layers of thick rubber and plastic, the Unequal material we use in our cases is made with Kevlar and Acceleron, which provide several benefits:

• Typical plastic cases allow harmful energy from drops, impacts, and collisions to move virtually unchecked through your phone. Patented fibers in BodyGuardz cases decelerate and confuse that energy, greatly reducing impact to your phone.
• After slowing down the energy from impact, the Accelleron® in our phone cases absorbs and disperses most remaining energy away from the body of your phone.

Thanks to these protective properties, we can manufacture our cases to be thinner and lighter than typical protective phone cases. The days of having to put your phone in a bulky box to protect it are over!

3—BodyGuardz cases are designed to look and feel like your smartphone

Smartphones are beautiful. Whether you’re an Apple loyalist or an Android diehard, you probably look at your phone as more than just as a device to help you make calls and send emails. It reflects your style, your personality, and your aesthetic. Which is why we decided not to drown your phone in bulky plastic and flashy patterns.

Instead, our designers opted for low-profile, classic designs for all three of our case styles.

• The Ace Pro is made from transparent TPU and is lined with Unequal material. Its colors flatter your phone and its slim, lightweight design highlights your phone’s elegant curves.
• The Contact features a soft TPU bumper lined with Unequal technology. Paired with a rigid, transparent back, it hugs every curve and flaunts your device’s design.
• The Shock features a soft, full-body TPU construction lined with Unequal material. It features a minimal design and neutral color palette that are perfect for lovers of minimalism.

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