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Trends in Smartphone Use and What They Mean for Sustainability

It’s no secret that smartphone usage is on the rise throughout the United States and the world. Research shows that more than 6 billion people around the world own mobile devices and, of these, over half are smartphones. One reason for the most recent surge in smartphone use is older generations adopting smartphones to cope with social distancing. Yet, even as the number of people using mobile phones continues to rise, smartphone sales aren’t increasing as quickly as expected because people are also using their smartphones longer before upgrading.

Smartphones and Sustainability

What do these trends in smartphone use really show, and what does this mean for sustainability? It means more people can take advantage of smartphones. Despite being resource-intensive, these phones also offer plenty of environmental benefits. This includes being able to work remotely, using smart home technology for more energy-efficiency, measuring and reporting air quality, knowing what’s going on in the world, as well as organizing and advocating for change.

Still, there is a definitive, negative impact of smartphones that come from the use of rare-earth metals like yttrium and lanthanum, as well as the energy needed to manufacture and mine the materials. New smartphones feature more durable, waterproof designs with Samsung and Apple leading the charge. Through these advancements, there is less waste associated with damaged devices and more refurbished smartphones making their way into the hands of new smartphone users.

Trends in Sustainibility

Use your smartphone well. Protect it with confidence. Resell or recycle when done.

Protecting Your Smartphone May Directly Affect Sustainability

One thing you can do to make a difference is to get the most you can out of your smartphone and then dispose of it as responsibly as possible. The average consumer reports using their smartphone for 2 years prior to upgrading or changing their device, but this average has been slowly increasing over the last five years. Subscription plans have become less common, creating one less excuse and new incentives for holding on to existing phones. If consumers do opt for a subscription plan with their mobile provider, upgrades require the return of the last device, which is then refurbished and resold, thereby reducing waste.

In order to ensure the lifespan of your smartphone, it’s imperative to invest in its security against slips, drops, falls, water, and more. By investing in premium phone cases, screen protectors, and other accessories, consumers protect the longevity of their devices, along with helping the planet in the process.

In the past, customers had two choices: pick a bulky case for solid protection, or choose something refined, which offers little protection besides being on-trend. BodyGuardz designs premium smartphone cases using the right materials for superior smartphone protection. That’s why we say our phone cases are designed, not decorated.

BodyGuardz Innovative Smartphone Cases and Screen Protectors

Delivering premium protection and usability, BodyGuardz offers a full lineup of smartphone cases powered by Unequal®, a patented, shock-absorbing technology used by top athletes to protect against the risk of injury. Unequal absorbs, disperses, and dissipates the impact of slips, drops, and falls on your device. Or, you can opt for TriCore™ smartphone cases, which feature a layer of Unequal material, a torsion plate, and a reinforced bumper.

To safeguard the longevity of your smartphone, PRTX® from BodyGuardz is unbeatable, shatterproof screen protection. Offering the touch and feel of glass without the worry of it breaking, cracking, or chipping, this screen protector is the clear solution for smartphone users.

You’re probably not ready to stop using a smartphone altogether, but you can directly impact the sustainability of your phone by focusing on and preserving its lifespan.