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installing pure


    - PRO TIP 1 -
    Before you begin installation, make sure the device screen is completely dust-free. Dust, hair and other small particles can cause a permanent bubble under the protector. Use the included microfiber cleaning cloth and dust removal strips to remove any dust before installation.

    - PRO TIP 2 -
    If you do get a piece of dust underneath the protector, carefully use your fingernail to lift the closest edge and use the dust removal strip on the sticky side of the protector to grab and remove the dust.


BodyGuardz Pure
iPhone 6/6s and 6/6s Plus install

BodyGuardz Pure®, award winning tempered glass screen protection from BodyGuardz, now comes with Express Align® for select devices. Express Align is a patented BodyGuardz solution that ensures an accurate and anxiety-free installation in less than 30 seconds. Clean your screen completely before starting your Express Align installation.

First, remove the back liner from the protector that comes loaded in the Express Align tray to expose the adhesive. Leave the protector in the tray.

Second, with the smartphone or tablet laying screen-up on a flat surface, flip the tray over and place on top of the device.

Finally, remove the sticker from the opening in the middle of the tray and press down on the protector to adhere it to the device, then pull the tray off and your Pure installation is complete.

Express Align is another innovative, patented solution from BodyGuardz, the leader in device protection.