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BodyGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Lumia 950

BodyGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Lumia 950

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Ultra-thin Tempered Glass Screen Protection

When it comes to screen protection. nothing tops the functionality, feel, and clarity of glass. Made from ion fortified tempered glass exceeding the hardness of steel, Bodyguardz Pure represents the strongest glass protection in the industry.

Extreme impact and scratch protection
Optically clear
Anti-smudge coating


Included in Package

• Premium Pure tempered glass screen protector (1)
• Micro fiber cleaning cloth
• Alcohol wipe / cleaner
• Installation instructions
• Millions Sold
• Advantage Replacements
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

The BodyGuardz Advantage Program

While it’s no secret that our iPhone 6 screen protectors are the best on the market, it’s the promise behind those products that makes BodyGuardz stand out from the rest. Every BodyGuardz product is backed by our Advantage Program that offers special perks to our customers, including:

Low-cost, Lifetime Replacements: At BodyGuardz, we stand behind the quality of our Apple iPhone 6 screen protectors, iPhone 6 skins, and other products for a lifetime. We design our products to protect your devices from wear and tear, which means that over time, they may need to be replaced to continue to provide the same level of protection. As part of the Advantage Program, you only have to pay shipping and handling to receive a brand new replacement for your product.

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee: We want you to be completely happy with the iPhone 6 tempered glass, screen protectors, protective skins, and other products you might purchase from BodyGuardz. That’s why we give you a full 30 days to return the product for a full refund if you’re not absolutely satisfied.

Return Customer Discount: If you purchase any additional products from BodyGuardz to protect your electronic devices, you’ll receive a 20% discount for any listed price on our website. Solid Product Warranty: On select Earjax products and cases, BodyGuardz will replace any products within 90 days in the case of any manufacturing defects.

Exclusive Offers: As a member of the Advantage Program, you’ll also get special access to exclusive offers on our line of protective device solutions.

For premium protection and a company that truly stands behind its products, look no further than BodyGuardz.
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For extreme impact and scratch protection, BodyGuardz Pure offers the best protection for your Microsoft Lumia 950. This premium Microsoft Lumia 950 tempered glass screen protector acts as a second screen for your phone that truly looks and feels just like the sleek glass you’re used to touching. Made for those who would rather not deal with frustrating resistance and bubbling of plastic screen protectors. BodyGuardz Pure not only protects from scratches, but it also absorbs impact to help protect your screen from breaking or shattering.

Protect Your Microsoft Lumia 950 with BodyGuardz

The new iPhone 5se took the world by storm with record-breaking sales and an exterior design that was just as appealing as its capabilities. The larger screen, improved graphics, and thin profile also come with a higher price tag that makes repairing a damaged phone more costly than ever. Traditionally, better protection for your smartphone meant dealing with bulky cases and frustrating plastic screen protectors. But BodyGuardz has changed that. With our state of the art iPhone 5se screen protectors, you can get all the protection you want without the bulk. Enjoy the sleek, smooth design of your new phone without having to worry about scratches, dents, cracks, and shattering.

Microsoft Lumia 950 Screen Protection for Every Lifestyle

At BodyGuardz, we offer a different level of Microsoft Lumia 950 screen protection for every lifestyle. Whether your phone barely gets used or nearly faces destruction every day, we have a solution that will keep your phone protected for life.

Available in two styles:

BodyGuardz Pure combines extreme impact and scratch protection with crystal clear clarity and an oleophobic coating to resist fingerprints and smudges.

BodyGuardz Pure Anti-glare combines extreme impact and scratch protection with innovative anti-glare reduction and a smooth matte finish that minimizes the appearance of fingerprints.

*IMPORTANT* BodyGuardz Pure is made of chemically strengthened tempered glass but can chip if it comes in contact with hard objects or is dropped on its edge. A case will help minimize chipping. Use caution when removing or repositioning Pure as the adhesive is intended for one time use. Be careful not to use excessive force when removing as this can damage the screen protector.

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BodyGuardz Pure® Premium Glass Screen Protector for Microsoft Lumia 950