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Don’t let a broken screen shatter your mobile experience. Protect your phone with industry-leading strength and lightweight durability.

BodyGuardz Pure® 2

BodyGuardz Pure 2 introduces AlumiTech™. Pure 2 is the first glass screen protector in the US to use a rare family of tempered glass called Aluminosilicate. This innovative type of glass allows it to be thin, yet more protective than regular soda-lime glass found in other screen protectors.

+ 25% better drop performance
+ 5x more scratch resistant
+ Born at .33 mm
+ Aluminosilicate tempered glass
+ Ion strengthened
+ Precision-cut edges

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Product Overview

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Product Installation

Ace Pro® Cases

BodyGuardz has teamed up with Unequal Technologies to design a line of ultra-protective cases in a slim design. These innovative cases are lined with the same Unequal® technology that professional athletes use to protect themselves from impact on the field, mountain or ice. Made with Kevlar® and Accelleron®, Unequal absorbs and disperses impact.

+ Slim, low-profile design
+ Injected with Unequal impact material
+ Absorbs shock, protecting device
+ 10 ft. drop rated
+ 1 year manufacture warranty

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Unequal Cases Overview


BodyGuardz AuraGlass is a thin tempered glass screen protector that keeps your device safe from impacts and scratches. The BodyGuardz AuraGlass is easy to apply and feels like your device's natural screen. The AuraGlass has been Ion strengthened, and has an oleophobic coating for a smooth anti-smudge surface.

+ Ultra-thin glass
+ Oleophobic coating
+ Ion strengthened
+ Smooth, anti-smudge surface

All BodyGuardz products are designed to be durable, but with wear and tear, may need to be replaced. Free replacements are available for Pure, Pure 2, Pure Arc, and SpyGlass screen protectors for the lifetime of the device, just pay $5.95 shipping.* Or, get free shipping when bundled with a case.

*Encourage customers to leave the damaged screen protector on their device until they have received their replacement. Once the replacement is received, customers must return their original BodyGuardz product within 60 days. If the old protector is not received in this time, customers are charged the full price for the replacement.

To learn more about our replacement program, click here. You can also download the Advantage info (.PDF) here.

Customers can visit to register and order their replacement.


FREE SHIPPING on replacement when a Pure, Pure 2, Pure Arc, or SpyGlass screen protector is bundled with a BodyGuardz case with Unequal technology.

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