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Apple iPhone Xs Max SpyGlass Edge (2-way privacy) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

Apple iPhone Xs Max SpyGlass Edge (2-way privacy) Tempered Glass Screen Protector

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Privacy Tempered Glass

BodyGuardz SpyGlass 2 allows you to access confidential information on your Apple iPhone Xs Max with complete discretion. SpyGlass 2 is an aluminosilicate tempered glass screen protector that works to protect your device in two ways. First, our aluminosilicate tempered glass is designed to absorb the impact of a drop and is stronger than soda-lime glass. This decreases the likelihood of a scratched or cracked screen. Second, a two-way privacy film is incorporated into the glass to obstruct the view of your screen from onlookers. You can now protect your sensitive data from those around you while on your device. SpyGlass 2 introduces the perfect solution for those who work from their phones, need to pull private information, frequent condensed public areas, or those who travel and need privacy from outside eyes.

Keep your private
information away from
those sitting near you

Offers you the protection
of tempered glass screen

Perfect for travelers,
commuters or those in
crowded environments


• Thin, tempered glass screen protection
• 9H hardness
• Smooth, anti-smudge surface
• 2-way privacy technology—clear from straight on, but protects your information from either side
• Easy to apply


• Premium Pure tempered glass screen protector (1)
• Microfiber cleaning cloth
• Alcohol wipe / cleaner
• Installation instructions
• Free Lifetime Replacements
• 30-day Money Back Guarantee

Apple iPhone Xs Max SpyGlass Screen Protector

Keep data and personal items on your iPhone Xs Max private with the innovative SpyGlass screen protector. This highly durable, 9H hardness tempered glass screen cover is completely clear and transparent with numerous benefits. As you enjoy videos, photos, or other images taken on your iPhone Xs Max’s high-resolution camera, you won’t need to fret about the person behind you catching a glimpse. The SpyGlass screen protector is specially created to blur out and darken the view from the side or at any angle. When looking straight at the phone, however, you will get to see everything on the screen, as if there was no screen protector.

When you get your new SpyGlass screen protector, you will find the installation process to be extremely simple. No worries about wrong installations or faulty applications. We take the hassle out of this process for you.

*IMPORTANT* SpyGlass is made of chemically strengthened tempered glass but can chip if it comes in contact with hard objects or is dropped on its edge. A case will help minimize chipping. Use caution when removing or repositioning SpyGlass as the adhesive is intended for one-time use. Be careful not to use excessive force when removing as this can damage the screen protector.

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Apple iPhone Xs Max SpyGlass Edge (2-way privacy) Tempered Glass Screen Protector